Effective Exams Studying Method: 8 Tips

Effective Exams Studying Method: 8 Tips

Every student knows well how tough and exhausting those weeks before exams are. This period of the studying process is terrible and terrifies students all over the world. It is a real challenge every one of us should deal with and on we beat it or not depends on our future. Our service is well aware of the pressure you feel at the moment of preparing for your exams, and we would like to help you. This article will teach you to deal with the stress and avoid the distractions causing it while studying. Read these techniques and use them in your studying process, not the exams sessions only.

Prepare to be prepared for the exam

  1. Eat well

A good diet is crucial not only for your exams studying process. Your effectiveness and mood depend on directly from what food, how often, and how much you are eating during the day. So, diet is important, especially during such stressful moments as the preparing your exams. Statistics indexes show us that almost half of students of both sexes do not eat their breakfast. But you should know that this meal is called the most important one for a reason. Its absence can negatively affect your attention and productivity.

  1. No smartphones and music

As most of us already know distractions are the main negative points for studying and smartphones and other gadgets are the main distractors of our time. Lots of people these days, especially such young as students, suffer from a symptom called “fear of missing out”. It is already proved that students who constantly distracts on texting and surfing social networks usually get lower grades. The same thing is about music. No matter what genres you like, classic or death metal, it all is just a source of distraction. So avoid any distractions while studying your exams. 

Exam studying session

  1. Start early

We all know that the biggest stress is right before the exam. It starts the day before and the night before the exam can be absolutely terrible. It is clear that studying at the very last moment is a worse thing you can do. The sleepless night will just increase the level of anxiety and totally liquidate your attention. The best thing you can do is to start studying exams as early as you can. Your brain needs time to absorb new information, and you should deal with it if you hope to get a better grade.

  1. Make your own tests

Modern researches show that test is not just good for identifying your knowledge, but also they help you to learn things. This is a great method to improve your knowledge and learn information. And of course, you can identify all the weak sides that should be studied more carefully and additionally for the exam to be passed.

  1. Teach others

Besides testing yourself, it is also useful to teach the material you have learned to someone else. It is the same thing as you are telling the story. The more times you tell it, the better you learn it.

  1. Avoid using too many highlighters

Of course, highlighters are the favorite studying tool for lots of students all around the world. But their meaning and effectiveness are often overrated. It is because of lack of connection between the information you chaotically highlight all over the source. So, basically, highlighting is just a monkey business and an illusion of hard work. If you really want to get a positive effect from your sources, you better take notes instead. 

  1. Take a walk and exercise

You are not a robot, so it is impossible for you to work all day long and do it equally effectively and hard. You are not a slave of your exams and studying so you should have a rest. To increase your effectiveness and to improve attention you should consider some breaks. And we do not mean just lying on a couch, no. Have a walk! Fresh air is extremely useful for your mind and body no matter what weather is outside. This is the best way to feel yourself refreshed and be ready to spend next few hours studying your exams.

  1. Sleep well

As food and fresh air are important for your studying effectiveness so is a healthy sleep. You should sleep well to have your body restarted and regenerated during the night. Oversleeping, however, can be even worse in this case. So try to balance these points and chose the right time to go to sleep and to wake up.

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