The Best Thesis Statement Tips to Learn

The Best Thesis Statement Tips to Learn
Table of Contents
  1. The Best Thesis Statement Tips to Learn
  2. Thesis Statement Writing Tips
  3. An effective thesis statement is narrow.
  4. Choose a debatable topic.
  5. Pick a side with your thesis statement.
  6. You should support your thesis claims later in your essay.

Basically, a good thesis statement works as a movie trailer. Every one of us at least once had this crazy feeling while seeing an exciting movie trailer when we immediately got interested with the film. Any trailer gives you some basic view of what you are going to see in the movie, but a good trailer will show you all the sharp moments which will encourage you to see the picture no matter what.

And the same thing is about a good thesis statement. Your reader gets all the most important and encouraging points of your essay or any other paper where you use thesis. It just makes them want to read it. If you are skilled enough, you know well how your claim should look like and what you should include in it to make it act like a lighthouse for your readers, showing them a path to your masterpiece where a bunch of arguments, facts, and evidence will bring them to a certain conclusion.

Besides your reader, a thesis statement also is a lighthouse for yourself as a writer. It will help you to follow the right mood and way without being buried in this convoluted and directionless argument. And of course, a thesis statement is all about that exact statement. There is a reason why it is called like that, right? With your main claim, you encourage your reader to continue reading.

So, in this article, our website will teach you how a good and effective thesis statement should be written. Continue reading four main tips to get your writing effective.

Thesis Statement Writing Tips

Here are four main tricks that make a thesis statement really effective to any topic and essay type, either a classification essay or leadership essay.

An effective thesis statement is narrow.

Try to be brief. While writing your main claim, it is very important to stay focused, because when you lose your focus, you fail. Yes, that simple. There can be a dozen of topics and points in your essay that may be transformed into the serious and broad discussion, but you should avoid that. Do not make your topic too broad, because it may cost your success as you lose your direction and thesis purpose.

For example, you should not write about the danger of drinking soda too much. Why? Because it is too broad topic to argue! Such general claim is the worst thing you can do to yourself. There are too many arguments to deal with which will simply bury your alive. There will be lots of unanswered questions left, and your essay is a small piece of writing to answer them all.

To make this thesis statement work, you should narrow it down. For example, talk just about one country or region. Also, you may name the consequences of the problem you are displaying with your thesis.

Choose a debatable topic.

We all know that old phrase about any case that is unclear and controversial. It is debatable. Your main claim should be based on such a debatable fact. Why? Because there will be a field for debate and debate is a catalyzing feeling and feeling are good for a successful essay. That is why!

You should not be too straight with your thesis and state the thing everybody knows or can’t argue with. It is often about historical facts and statistics indexes. You should avoid these two in your thesis. Right, something more catchy and controversial, something that will make your reader not just to agree with you, but to tell his opinion or example or even to disagree, which can sometimes be even better.

Pick a side with your thesis statement.

There is no purpose for a statement with no side and opinion. Actually, the entire point of your main claim is about picking a side and arguing about it with others. It is like you can’t root for both football teams at the same time, right? Well, the same thing is about your thesis. Readers expect you to pick up a side and defend it. There is no reason in arguing about both sides at the same time.

It is like you are talking about secondhand smoking. You state that it is bad for nonsmokers and smokers should be isolated or banned. And then in the same thesis statement, you say that smokers have their rights and nonsmokers should deal with it. Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, this is the main point you should avoid in your main claim. All you can do in this particular case is to pick someone’s side. You rather state for nonsmokers and demand to ban smokers, or you defend smokers because they are infringing on their human rights.

You should support your thesis claims later in your essay.

So, as we already know, a thesis statement is about a statement and about a claim. When you are claiming something, you should support it later in your paper somehow. All the claims from your thesis make a map that should be followed by you while writing your essay. To make it easier, you can get a summary of all your main claims in your statement. Try to do it logically and clear. Then while writing the body paragraphs, you will support each of these points with your evidence. 

So, your task is to come up with a statement that has claims in it and what is more important, there should be an opportunity for you to support these points in your paper. As we said before, your thesis should contain some thought-provoking claims that can be argued about. Even if the reader does not know anything about the topic you are writing about, or he disagrees, you will have a field for a writing process and opportunity to succeed with it.

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