Leadership Essay - Your Complete “To Do” List

Leadership Essay - Your Complete “To Do” List
Table of Contents
  1. Leadership Essay - Your Complete “To Do” List
  2. Step 1. Preparations
  3. Step 2. Literature Sources
  4. Step 3. Writing Tips
  5. Step 4. Must-Haves

Narrative essays are the most common task during admission tests. Leadership is a universal topic for them. If you are going to enter a college or university or apply for a scholarship program, you will face a leadership essay. Showing you are a good leader and capable of heading a team is vital for universities and scholarship providers. Is there a chance for you to write an award-winning paper? So many people write the same essays each time the admission term begins.

There are two possible ways for you to achieve the desired award with a leadership paper. Each of them works well and does not exclude the other one. You can hire a professional writer from a trustworthy online writing service. You will not find any mistakes, plagiarism and logical glitches. There is only one minus. You will not be able to use a service during the test. This method works only when you have enough time for preparation. The second way is to learn all writing tips. Luckily, you’ve found this page. Here you will find everything you need to compose an outstanding leadership paper.

Step 1. Preparations

To write about being a leader, you have to recall a story about your skills. If you do not have one, describe someone else (if it is allowed by the task). In other words, try to show some leadership by all means. Like other essays or academic papers, this writing requires a plan:

  1. Develop a thesis statement. This is the main idea of your writing. As for leadership paper, it may sound like “sometimes being a leader requires all mental and physical forces” or “leadership is not an inborn skill, it can be learned”. Find a universal phrase to approve or disapprove easily.
  2. Write an outline. Work with a proper order of your story. To avoid logical glitches, divide into imaginary parts and decide what will go into the introduction, body, and conclusion correspondingly. Do you have a hard time with outlining? On the Internet, you can find a lot of tips about outline writing.
  3. Prepare good examples for making evidence and comparison. People familiar with history can recall many moments when personal leadership skills and qualities were important for saving a situation. It is important to find less controversial personalities. Adolf Hitler could lead crowds, but he is not worth being in your text.

Step 2. Literature Sources

Leadership is a complicated topic with many sides. For writing a good academic paper about it, you have to look through many information sources. Where to find them?

  • Biographies and memoirs. First-hand info is the best. Read about famous politicians, state leaders, top management of the biggest company, etc. These are precisely those people who had to show the highest leadership quality. A free tip: supplying your essay with a remarkable quote can add you some points.
  • Leadership training. It may sound not too effective. However, a lot of coaches conduct research to find effective  techniques. Following them can be useful for those who want to dip into theory.
  • Relatives. You can hardly find a family untouched by the war, catastrophe, etc. Something that requires making hard decisions and showing leadership skills. If you manage to describe a truthful story of your relative surviving a severe time, you will get the highest score.

Step 3. Writing Tips

Your main goal is to hook up reader’s attention. Imagine the size of a group writing the same task. Probably, no one will read your text from A to Z. Pay as much attention to the beginning as possible. Interesting quotes, provocative questions, and anecdotes from real life can do you a big favor.

As a rule, a leadership essay is closely connected with life goals. Try setting up some unusual, but pretty achievable ones. Do not have your head in the clouds - you need that scholarship to finish your education, not for leading a country or making a cancer remedy. This paper is a place where being realistic equals being successful.

To cast more influence upon the commission members, try to think irregularly. Unpredictable, but relevant conclusions and an unusual flow of thought are what you need for a good text. Try to show that you are an outstanding person, and you will be memorized.

Step 4. Must-Haves

  • As experience shows, when there is a choice between two papers, grammar is the first aspect to look at. By all means, make sure to use proper grammar and lexicology. It is a narrative text with an intensive personal storyline. But it is not a place for foul language and dialects.
  • An absence of plagiarism is essential. Otherwise, it will lead to a total failure. If you use a lot of references, make sure to cite them properly. The statement is relevant both for long-term and swift leadership tasks.
  • No matter how much you know about leadership, you have to squeeze a full story into a defined word limit. As a rule, it is not very big. Never run out the number of words. An unfinished story is worse than poor grammar.
  • Do not boast of your traits, but prove them with actions. A reader has to understand your uniqueness by actions, not by bare words. He/she should analyze your actions and make own conclusions. Do not forget about mentioning how your leadership helped people around. Community contribution is exactly what your readers are looking for.

These are the most popular and working tips on leadership paper writing we’ve managed to gather. Memorizing this article will help you to survive every admission test or exam. If you do not feel like writing, get high-quality assistance from a specialized service. Everything is possible if you are set to achieve success.