ACT Essay Tips for Successful Test Writing

ACT Essay Tips for Successful Test Writing

No matter how good you know about ACT essay writing, this article will definitely impress you and improve the knowledge you have. Here we will tell you more about the test essay itself and about the points you should consider to make it successful and do not fail on your test day. In this article, you will learn how ACT essay can be written in an easier way and how you must use it in practice.

Test Essay Tips

First of all, let’s learn what the ACT essay is all about. It is the shortest assignment you can get. Not as an explanatory essay, for example. You should deal with it in just forty minutes right during your test. It is not some sort of a shortened story or something like that, no. Test essay should be a full force written an essay with its topic opened completely.

You have forty minutes only, no matter what university or college you are studying at. and you have to use all the possible points in your test essay. Get all the components and open the topic as it must be. There are four main points about the ACT essay, and we will tell how you must write it. Also, we will tell three interesting tricks that will make your essay writing mind-blowing and successful.

4 Main Elements of the Test Essay to Remember

Here you have the main four points for successful test essay writing. Learn them and use in practice:

  1. Ideas and Analysis

So you should deal with a 12-scorring essay for your test. This paper includes the critically engaging argument that has various perspectives of the issue you are dealing with. While writing your main argument, you should consider the context it establishes and make an analysis of the main issue and the perspectives that it opens. Get the full analysis of the competitions, tensions, and implications that are made by it.

Sounds too general and complicated? Well, speaking simpler it means that in forty minutes of your test you have a lot of work to do and must write as fast as you can. You should answer the main question that the prompt is giving to you and make it absolutely clear for yourself and your readers. You must identify your perspective and get a relation between other three perspectives that were given to you. This part is one of the hardest ones, and you should write it in just forty minutes that are given for your test essay writing. But do not be so scared. The main thing about this test is about showing your attitude and knowledge of the issue. You must show how many points of the problem you know well. How can you do it? Well, just describe them. Write directly on those sides of the issue you know well and get some logical points around it.

It is also allowed to get some words and phrases from the prompt right into your thesis statement. This is the simplest way to show that your thesis is in the right direction and you know what you are writing about in the test essay. And do not forget to mark your side of the argue.

  1. Development and Support

In ACT essay which would be done on your test, you must develop all of your ideas and write support for claims. This will make your context broader. This part of the test essay also takes much time and is hard to deal with. You need to get right to the last bottom line and explain it correctly. Do not write too many words and phrases. Two or four sentences will be enough. Consider using some specific points and examples to illustrate your thoughts and attitude.

  1. Organization

Your test essay writing should be well-organized in all aspects. And you better learn how to develop your organization strategy before you enter your exam class. You should increase the effectiveness of your arguments with a logical progression of various ideas you have for your essay.

Speaking briefly, you must write one or two paragraphs for each of your main ideas and points. Also, your organization must be logical and clear. If there is no logic chain, you should just write all your points and ideas like a list and give a paragraph to each of them. If you do not understand what the logical organization is exactly, try to organize your essay writing trying one point to another. There is nothing wrong in doing your test essay with a simple listing of ideas, but at the same time, it does not sound well at some point. And do not forget to include the same points in your Introduction and Conclusion. Actually, this requirement makes your essay writing easier, especially during the test.

  1. Language Use

Your writing language should be not as simple as you want it to be, but enhances the argument at some point. All the sentences and their structures should be clear and varied. The tone of your essay writing is also very important for the entire case. If there will be some grammar mistakes in your essay, they will not influence the test grade too much. The meaning and clearness of your test essay matters and are more serious than grammar mistakes.

The language of essay writing and its proper tone often are the toughest points to improve for students, especially, for those who do not use English as their native language. You should be very careful with your wording and choose each word logically and carefully. You can use some fancy vocabulary, but do not repeat such words too often as it looks and sounds unnatural. You may start each sentence in the same way to make them sound clearer and then include some logical chains to the entire picture. So, you should stay clear even if talking too fancy.

And do not forget that you should leave few minutes at the end of the exam to edit and revise your ACT essay and fix all the mistakes.

3 Main Secrets about Test Essay Writing

There are some clear guidelines for test paper writing, but there are few points that are not always said to the students. And what is great about these secrets is the advantage you get if you know them and can use freely. These secrets are often hidden because of those people who have not prepared for the test and teachers do not want us to have such a big advantage over them.

  1. You do not need to know all the facts

There can be written any information about the point to support it. Yes, that simple. If you know some real facts and are sure about them, it is great, but there is no such a need. Do you want an example? Well, you can write that the US did not drop the bomb on Hiroshima. Sounds crazy right? But for your test essay you do not need to know that, all you need is just to support your facts.

The mentor does not have time to check all the facts that were written in the paper. All they may do is to check the format, logic, language, and set a score; that is it. You can easily make a mistake about the year of some event or its location. And if graders do not know that exact date, he or she has no spare time to check it.

  1. Your essay must be at least one page long

This tip is very important, but still, not many students know about it. The volume of the paper means a lot to graders. So be clear when entering the test room – your score depends on the volume of your writing piece for sure. The longer paper you have – the better grade you get. This is the rule, and it is simple. The optimal length is about a page and a half. And if you wrote your paper without repeats and hollow wording, you can hope on a really high grade.

  1. The Body paragraph means less than the Introduction and the Conclusion

You should imagine your article as a burger. The Intro and the Conclusion are the buns that hold the entire sandwich together. That is why these parts mean more to the graders than the Body itself. Often they read these parts more closely than the middle part as they should read lots of essays very, very fast and your Intro and Conclusion can tell them quickly if you did the job right.

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