A Few Insightful Tips on Explanatory Essay Writing

A Few Insightful Tips on Explanatory Essay Writing
Table of Contents
  1. A Few Insightful Tips on Explanatory Essay Writing
  2. Explanatory Essay - Clear Definition
  3. Preliminary Writing Stage
  4. The Basic Structure of Your Top-Quality Explanatory Essay
  5. An Introductory Section - What Questions Should Be Covered Here?
  6. The Body of Explanatory Essays - Tips to Follow
  7. A Winning Conclusion

Many instructions on writing an explanatory essay have already been written but not all of them cover this topic to the full. The key objective of this descriptive review is to provide our readers with expert pieces of advice on how to create a top-notch paper. We’ll guide you through this subject area and you’ll finally understand what instructions to follow. At a glance, this assignment seems to be as easy as shelling peas but if to dig deeper, you’ll see that there are a few important steps you should pay your attention to.

Explanatory Essay - Clear Definition

Before you set the tone of your essay, you should understand the key goal of the task. This is a form of academic writing where the author should present his viewpoint regarding different scientific areas. Simply put, a writer studies the topic and explains it to the audience from his own point of view. Keep in mind that your primary aim is to make your opinion feasible. The majority of students like this task because dealing with an expository essay is easier than with any other assignment, for example, ACT essay.

Your objective is to explore the subject, learn the new information or read a few articles or books and approach the topic from a specific angle. Well, what does this mean? Simply put, you need to explain your own opinion regarding the selected theme.

There’s one common mistake students do while writing an explanatory essay. Some students defend only one side of the argument. However, your explanatory essay should be more neutral and more informative. Your overall objective is to provide the audience with a lucid explanation as to why it happened and to what it lead. Having read your essay, your reader must get inside your head (even if they don’t agree with you).

Before you start writing, you should ask your tutor what formatting style to use. There are a few of them: APA, ASA, MLA, Turabian or Chicago. The incorrect paper formatting can decrease your grade.

Preliminary Writing Stage

Before you embark on covering the topic, you need to conduct proper research and study the area well enough. In other words, you need to study different sources and pieces of evidence, learn the points of view of different scholars and find supporting arguments. Keep in mind that this stage takes some time. Therefore, to avoid procrastination you need to start your work as soon as possible.

Firstly, you need to process the information and check the truthfulness of all the ideas. After that, you can write all the arguments in a form of a clear, informative and interesting explanatory essay.

When you feel like you know the theme well enough, it is time to proceed with creating a thesis statement. Keep in mind that it should be brief but feasible and informative. Besides, it should show you attitude to the discussed problem. Your objective is not to criticize, but to state facts.

The Basic Structure of Your Top-Quality Explanatory Essay

As well as any other creative task, this one also must be organized. Otherwise stated, your explanatory essay shouldn’t look like your chaotic train of thoughts. If your goal is to create a great essay deserving only good grades, you must obey some rules and follow a certain structure. So, what are the basic elements of an explanatory essay?

  • A strong introduction which allows a reader to understand what your explanatory essay is about.
  • A few body paragraphs, covering the topic.
  • A conclusion.

Keep in mind that your body paragraphs are the main section. Therefore, they make up 80% of your essay. Now, let’s delve into the details of writing each paragraph of your explanatory essay. Knowing the guides on how to write and support the evidence, you’ll make your life easier.

An Introductory Section - What Questions Should Be Covered Here?

Keep in mind that your goal is to make people interested in your paper. There are a few ways allowing to achieve that goal:

  1. Use a thought-provoking question.
  2. Find some shocking statistics data.
  3. Use a joke (relevant to the theme of your essay).

Try to avoid using too general information in an introductory paragraph because it won’t give a clear picture for the audience. You should be more specific instead. Your introduction should consist of a few sentences introducing the topic of your explanatory essay.

The Body of Explanatory Essays - Tips to Follow

What is the main idea of your essay? What particular viewpoint do you want to support? It is time to cover the topic in the body section. Usually, three paragraphs are enough to develop a theme but it depends on the topic and the number of arguments presented. To get started, use a strong topic sentence which will help the audience understand what information will be introduced. Don’t forget about adding smooth transitions between different paragraphs. Each idea mentioned in your essay should support your thesis statement. Keep in mind that your concluding statement must summarize the importance of your claims.

A Winning Conclusion

Moving on to writing a concluding section is a final writing stage. Usually, your conclusion states what have already been mentioned in your thesis statement. This will help your readers focus on the importance of the topic. These sections should be short but they must make your readers do some actions. Simply put, you should inspire them on studying the topic or doing something to change the situation for the better.

By the way, you shouldn’t neglect editing and proofreading stages. You can check it either yourself or hire certified specialists allowing to polish your paper to perfection. Double check your essay before submitting!

We are sure that using our pieces of advice, you’ll create a top-notch and interesting essay. However, if you lack some spare time or you aren’t up to this particular topic, our team of skilled and seasoned writers is ready to assist you. If necessary, we can provide you with the examples of papers for you to make sure that you deal with experts. Don't get rattled because your personal information is protected and all the rights are reserved. No one will ever know that you're not the author of your essay.